Child Sacrifice & Abraham

1. Preparation

Bring some vegetables with you as a visual aid – something to represent a “harvest”. I brought potatoes, onions and an ear of corn.

2. Introduction

Human Sacrifice

What comes to mind when you think of this?

Child Sacrifice

What comes to mind when you think of this?








Yet in your Bible, God commanded it!


Abraham & Isaac Genesis 22


In Genesis 22:2, God tells Abraham,

“Take your son, your only son, whom you love – Isaac-

and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there…”

This is the kind of scripture that causes many people who are new to the Bible – to question the Bible, and even doubt the Bible.

In essence: What kind of God would ask a person to sacrifice another human being – let alone their child?

To answer that we need to take a quick detour to the history of religion – and then we’ll land on the cross in a few minutes.

People, thousands of years ago, before the time of Abraham, started to realize that their survival was dependent on things like water – and food.


3. Harvest & Religion

[Hold up a Potato] Q. What is this?

Alright High School kids: This is used to make French Fries.

[Hold up an Onion] Q. What is this?

Kids: This is used to make everything you eat – taste good!

[Hold up Corn] Q. What is this?

Kids: This is used to make Coca-Coca – and just about everything else you put in your mouth – believe it or not.


The harvest was everything!


The entire culture centered around the ability to harvest.

And they would only be able to harvest food if there was the proper mixture of sun, seeds, soil and water.

Karin grew up on a farm – and she can attest:

Too much water – and the harvest would wash out.

Too little water – and the crops would die.


This foundational understanding brought people to the conclusion that they were dependent on unseen forces they could not control for their survival.

You see, the belief (I use that word intentionally) arose that these supernatural forces are either on your side or they aren’t.

Q. And how do you keep these forces on your side?

The next time you have a harvest, you take a portion of that harvest and you offer it on an altar as a sign of your gratitude.

Because you need the forces (gods and goddesses) on your side.


Now imagine what happened when people would offer a sacrifice…

but then it didn’t rain

or the sun didn’t shine?

Obviously, they concluded, they didn’t offer…ENOUGH.

And so they offered more.

And more and more.

4. Sacrifice & Anxiety

Because what religion had built in to it from the very beginning was something called ANXIETY.

You never knew where you stood with the gods.

The gods are angry, the gods are demanding, and if you don’t please them they will punish you by bringing calamity.


Q. But what if things went well?

What if it rained just the right amount

and the sun shined just the right amount.

What if it appeared that the gods were pleased with you?

Well then, you’d need to offer them thanks.


Q. How would you know you’d offered ENOUGH?

If things went well, you never knew if you’d been grateful enough and offered enough

And if things didn’t go well – then clearly you hadn’t done…enough.

You see – either way – the result was…Anxiety

Because you never knew where you stood with the gods.

And so you’d offer part of your crop.

And you’d offer a goat.

Maybe a lamb.

Maybe a cow.

Maybe a few cows.

Maybe some birds.

The very nature of early religion is that everything escalated because in your anxiety to please the gods you kept having to offer more.


Q. And what’s the most valuable thing you could offer the gods to show them how serious you were about earning their favor?

A child.

Q. Can you see how child sacrifice lurks in the Old Testament?

It’s where religion took you.

To the place where you’d offer that which was most valuable to you.


So when God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son,

Abraham isn’t surprised!

Abraham just sees it as normal.

That’s just what gods do

That’s how religion works, isn’t it.


Interestingly, in all other cases in human history, people just guessed that this is what God wanted.

In this case, God (your God) TOLD HIM to sacrifice his boy.

God initiates!

So Abraham sets out to do it.


We all know how the story goes…

He travels 3 days

He leaves his servants and donkey.

He and Isaac build an altar.

He is about to slay his son.


And THE HISTORY of the world changes.

Right then and there!

For the first time in history, the “God” says STOP.

And He says, “Yes there will be a sacrifice today!”

“But YOU WON’T be providing the sacrifice.”

“I — will provide the sacrifice.”

God — provides a Ram.

God still has Abraham PERFORM the sacrifice.

God still makes Abraham PARTICIPATE in the sacrifice.

But GOD HIMSELF provides the sacrifice.

5. God Himself Provides & We Participate

See, the point of this story is NOT just Abraham and his great faith.


For the people who have read/heard this story over the centuries,

the POINT of the story was —

a GOD, who HIMSELF provides the sacrifice.


That’s just not what gods do.

But this is what your God does.


God reaches down to us…

And he meets us at our primitive understanding of spirituality.

And then he blows us away….

by HIMSELF providing the sacrifice.


Q. Isn’t that exactly the story of the cross and communion?

We come with a soft heart – to the Lord’s Supper.

We are willing to do our best, our VERY best, for God.

Yet the only sacrifice going on here – is JESUS.


You and I get to participate.

God still wants us to be a part of the sacrifice.

Yet HE — PROVIDES the sacrifice.


6. Let’s Pray

Dear God, thank you for the cross of Christ.

Thank you that YOU provided a sacrifice to end all of our anxiety.

We know, without a doubt, that YOU LOVE US.

We can never sacrifice enough.

Thank you for the juice that represents the BLOOD of your sacrifice…

And for the bread that represents the BODY of your sacrifice.

In Jesus name, Amen


Note: Thoughts inspired by Rob Bell’s blog

Jesus Drank the 5th Cup

1. Preparation

In preparing for the communion message, it would be advisable (a) to sing “Lead me to Calvary” (aka “King of my Life”) directly before the Communion and (b) that when standing at the podium, there should already be 5 cups of juice at the front. They can be 5 communion-size cups or 5 small, glass cups. Visual Aids are always valuable, regardless of age group.

To view the PowerPoint, click here.

2. Scripture

Exodus 6:6-8
“Therefore, say to the Israelites: ‘I am the LORD, and I will bring you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians. I will free you from being slaves to them, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judgment.  I will take you as my own people, and I will be your God. Then you will know that I am the LORD your God, who brought you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians.  And I will bring you to the land I swore with uplifted hand to give to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob. I will give it to you as a possession. I am the LORD.’ “

3. Introduction

Recently, our family group got together on Good Friday for a special meal.

Together with our children, we always eat a wonderful dinner before our weekly Bible Talk.

But this week was special – we celebrated another Christian Passover Seder meal.

In Exodus 12 God commanded Jewish families to gather together to eat one final meal.

They were to slaughter a lamb and to mark the doorframes of their homes so that the Angel of the Lord would pass over their home en route to slaying the firstborn of every man and animal in Egypt.

Each year, the Jews were to celebrate the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

This would be to the Jews what our Communion is to Christians.

In fact, Jesus simply took the Seder Passover Meal and turned it into the Lord’s Supper – and said “When you do this, think of me…remember me

4. The Four Promises

In preparing for this, I was reading a book by Rob Bell [1], and he pointed out that the 4 Glasses of Wine that are consumed during a Seder Meal point back to the 4 Promises of God in Exodus 6.

Listen to these 4 promises from Exodus 6

-I will bring you out [Drink Cup #1]
-I will rescue you
-I will redeem you
-I will take me

There is also another cup that references the prophet Elijah.

This is left untouched.

But close your eyes and bask in the glory of these 4 promises.

-I will bring you out
-I will rescue you [Drink Cup #2]
-I will redeem you-
-I will take me

So at our recent Seder Passover Meal, we tried to envision how Jesus felt – as he drank of each cup.

Each of us though only had one cup. Some of us drank wine, while others drank grape juice.

And throughout the Seder Meal and the various discussions,we would take a sip/swallow every 10 minutes,

And we would read and meditate on one more promise each time

-I will bring you out
-I will rescue you
-I will redeem you [Drink Cup #3]
-I will take me

5. Getting In Touch

At the meal Dave Bruce pointed out how these promises really helped him get in touch with his own salvation:

“God has led me out of his old way of life
God has rescued me from a life of sin
God has allowed Jesus to be crucified…to rescue me
And God has brought me close to himself.
[Drink Cup #4]
In fact, at the end of days, God will take me to be with Him in heaven.”

You see, on the evening of the Last Supper, THESE are the things that Jesus and the twelve were thinking about.

And yet these 4 promises are now reinterpreted by Christ for us.

They no longer reference the Old Testament exodus from Egypt, but rather our New Covenant miraculous exodus from our own sin.

6. The Promises Were Also For Jesus

And then Cece chimed in and noted, “This meal wasn’t just for the twelve. It was FOR Jesus.”

He wasn’t just training the twelve.

He wasn’t just offering them these promises.

Instead, Jesus was feeling each of these promises as he was facing his own torture.

He was preparing his own heart for the long night in Gethsemane – battling through his temptation to follow his own will rather than the will of the father.

On that fateful evening, Jesus too would have to make a decision regarding the 5th cup.

But for him, it was not the cup of Elijah.

Instead, it would be the cup of God’s will.

Take this cup from me…but not my will but your will be done.”

And he chose to “drink” the fifth cup. [Drink Cup #5]

The 4 previous cups were God’s amazing promises to him.

As Jesus drank the 1st cup, he was reminded that the Father would lead him through the next few grueling time leading up to his own death.

As Jesus drank the 2nd cup, he was reminded that God would rescue him from the pain and torment and that God would not let him be tempted beyond what even he could bear.

As Jesus drank the 3rd cup, he was reminded that the Father would redeem him from this physical world.

And as Jesus drank the 4th cup, he was comforted. He was deeply comforted and given confidence that the Father would take Him to be home again in heaven.

I believe it is these first 4 cups that gave him the strength to confidently drink the 5th cup.

Let me say that again.

It is these first 4 cups (and their accompanying promises) that gave Jesus the courage and strength to drink the final cup.

7. Upward Call

So as you are contemplating recommitting yourself to God, as YOU are trying to find the faith to drink the 5th cup – to do God’s will rather than your own – I urge you to follow the example of Jesus.

Drink the 5th cup AFTER you have consumed the first four – AFTER you have consumed these 4 life-changing promises of God.

And as you are about to consume bread and wine, read the promises of Exodus 6 and put yourself in Jesus’ shoes at the Last Supper.

Ask yourself what he felt as he contemplated each promise.

And then find the strength to walk to your own Gethsemane once again – and drink the 5th cup: “Not my will but thine”.

8. Prayer


[1] Rob Bell’s Sex God, P131

Jesus’ Passover Song, Psalm 116

1. Preparation

(a) Hymn to be sung earlier in the service: “Come Fill My Cup” (Let it overflow with love)

(b) Song to be played directly before the Communion presentation: Acapella’s “Not My Will But Thine” (on the album “Set Me Free”). The performance in the video below depicts the pain and the suffering of Christ in the Garden.

2. Statement of Focus

This communion will focus on Jesus as he sings Psalm 116 together with his disciples at the Last (Passover) Supper.

3. Scripture

Luke 22:14-20
14When the hour came, Jesus and his apostles reclined at the table. 15And he said to them, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer. 16For I tell you, I will not eat it again until it finds fulfillment in the kingdom of God.” 17After taking the cup, he gave thanks and said, “Take this and divide it among you. 18For I tell you I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes.” 19And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” 20In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.

4. Introduction

The Passover meal was (and still is) held as an annual event in each Jewish household.

As a meal, God designed it to commemorate the deliverance and the Exodus of Israel out of Egypt.

The first Passover is described clearly in Exodus chapter 12.

In each household a lamb was slain, and a meal was eaten in haste.

The lamb’s blood was then sprinkled onto the doorposts of each home.

God had warned that he would kill the firstborn of each man and animal in Egypt.

Yet the Lord says, “When I see the blood, I will pass over you.” (Ex 12:13)

5. Today

But how was the Passover celebrated in the time of Christ.

It had crystallized into a clear sequence of activities.

And a big part of this was the singing of the 6 Hallel Psalms.

These are Psalms 113-118.

Now as ironic as this may sound, the Passover was (and still is) the most joyful of all Jewish holidays!

Think of Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.

That’s a holiday of heart-checking, repenting, doing penance and apologizing.

In contrast, the Hallel Psalms of the Passover are not only prophetic of the Messiah.

They are downright joyful!

They commemorate the delivering hand of God.

As one author notes, “they are a remarkable celebration of the great acts of the Lord – in delivering his people from Egypt. And they also point forward to the deliverance that would come through the Messiah, the Christ.

Psalms 113-115 were sung at the temple, during the slaying of the animals.

Psalms 116-117 were sung DURING the meal.

And finally, Psalm 118 was sung at the end of the meal.

6. Imagine

So I will now read through Psalm 116.

And I want you to imagine Jesus singing these words.

And I want you to imagine him finding strength from these words – while praying in the Garden, while overnighting in the dungeon of the High Priest, and while suffering on the cross.

7. Discovering Psalm 116

v1 I love the LORD, because he listens to me. He listens to me when I pray to him. v2 I will always pray to him, because he hears what I say.

v3 The danger of death was all round me.

I began to be afraid of Sheol.

I was sad because (I had) so much trouble.

v4 Then I prayed to the name of the LORD.

(I said) “LORD, please save me!”

v5 The LORD is kind and good (to people). Our God (shows us that he) loves (us).

v6 The LORD gives help to those (people) that need it. When I was in danger, he saved me!

v7 (So I could say) to myself, “Now you are safe, because the LORD has been kind to you”. v8 Yes, (LORD), you saved me from death!

(You saved) my eyes from crying and my feet from falling. v9 Now I can *serve the LORD in this world where people live (and not in Sheol). v10 I believed (that God would give me help). (I believed this) even when I said, “I have much pain”.

v11 When I was very sad, I said, “Everybody says what is not true”.


v12 What can I give to the LORD because he has been so kind to me? v13 I will offer a cup of *wine to the LORD. And I will thank him because he saved me! v14 I will do everything that I have promised to the LORD. (I will do it) in front of all his people.

v15 It hurts God very much when one of his servants dies.

v16 LORD, I really am your servant.

I am your servant just as my mother was. You have saved me from death! v17 I will offer you my special “thanks” when I pray to the name of the LORD.

v18 I will make special promises to the LORD.

(I will do this) in front of all his people.

v19 (I will do this) in the *courts of the house of the LORD.

(I will do this) in the center of Jerusalem.


8. Upward Call

As we take bread and wine right now, I urge you to read Psalm 116.

As you drink the cup, read verse 12-13 and ask yourself what you can give back to God because he has been so kind to you.

Truly you can give him nothing that will make up for him sending his Son to this tormenting death.

The greatest thing you can do is to offer him this symbolic cup of juice – and to wholeheartedly thank him because he saved you.

And let Him know that you too will keep your promises to Him.

9. Prayer

Lord, we cannot ever remove the pain you felt when you were grieved by man before the flood.

And we cannot remove the hurt you felt as sent your Servant and Son to his brutal death.

So we won’t even try.

But Lord, we do lift our cup to you and we wholeheartedly say Thank You for saving us.

And as Jesus promised to fulfill his promise, we think on our own baptism, and we tell you now, “Just like the words that came out of Jesus’ mouth that evening, we too will do everything that we have promised to You.”

In the name of our deliverer, Amen


Unfair Grace

The goal of this communion message is to challenge the belief system of the listener. We find out about a mass-murdering cannibal whose deathbed conversion seems genuinely unfair. How could God possibly let him into heaven? That exact question may reveal more about you than you think!
1 Timothy 1:15-16
Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his unlimited patience as an example for those who would believe on him and receive eternal life. 

In his book “What’s So Amazing About Grace?”, Philip Yancey raises the matter of Jeffrey Dahmer’s conversion. Dahmer, the homosexual mass murderer, abused and murdered 17 young men. He cannibalized them and stored body parts in his refrigerator. Eleven corpses were found in his apartment. He was the epitome of the word vile. During his trial he sat serenely in court, showing no signs of remorse. In November of 1994, Dahmer was beaten to death in prison by a fellow prisoner. Television news reports included interviews with relatives of Dahmer’s victims. They said their only regret about his killing was that it had ended his life too soon. They wanted him to suffer more.
Yancey writes, “One network showed a program taped a few weeks before Dahmer’s murder. The interviewer asked him how he could possibly commit the crimes he was convicted of. Dahmer said that these things happened before he believed in God, when he wasn’t accountable to anybody. He said it all began with petty crimes and small acts of cruelty, and he just kept going, further and further. Nothing restrained him. Dahmer then told of his recent religious conversion. He was baptized in the prison whirlpool and spent all of his time now reading his Bible and Christian literature.”

The prison chaplain affirmed Dahmer’s conversion, saying that his repentance was sincere and that he was one of his most faithful worshipers.  

What about justice!  

What goes on inside you when you hear these things? Does it seem unfair? Something about it just doesn’t seem right. In once sense, I am very happy for Jeffrey. He grew up a member of the Church of Christ and requested to be re-baptized for the forgiveness of sins in prison, a short time before he was killed. When I first heard the story, I was sceptical, thinking it was simply a death-bed prayer anyway. But after further study, it became clear that his conversion was likely honest, forthright and biblically accurate. That sort of forced me to face how I really feel about what happened. 
There are the obvious questions, “What about all the people he killed? What about their lives? What about their families? What about justice!!!? The implications are far reaching: If Dahmer could be in heaven, then anyone could make it to heaven. He had no respect for God, for the value of a life, for family, for morals. He lived out the atheistic stance in its ultimate, inevitable conclusion – if there is no God, then there is no right or wrong, and therefore nothing is morally wrong.
Nietsche believed it, but Dahmer lived it out. 
So, how in the world could he possibly be in heaven? Then comes the next question: How could he be in heaven when there are so many good people out there who aren’t followers of Christ.  
Are you saying that Dahmer is in heaven, but many of those good people aren’t!? 
I see this question as one of the deepest issues in our fellowship of churches. Deep in our hearts, we want to base salvation on how “good” we are. We find any other type of salvation as unfair, unrighteous and almost ungodly. Reality is that if you view this as ungodly, then maybe your view of God is off-base.
God and Murderers
The strange thing is that God loves to work through murderers. Paul considered himself guilty of the death of Stephen. Peter came within inches of killing Malchus. If not for Malchus’ quickly ducking to the side, he would have lost more than an ear. And what of Moses, the Old Testament messianic figure of salvation? He didn’t just attend or attempt a murder. He committed one. Yet these three figures are arguably some of the most important figures in the history of God’s working on our planet. Why? Because God is very different. He is literally out of the box! 
So what does all this say about your belief system? Are you saved by the grace of God alone? Or do you work hard to maintain that saved state?
Hard work has its value…and it can be the expression of gratitude.
But the danger in hard work is that we become enamored with it. We become dependent on it. We need it. It keeps us saved…or so we feel at times.
Are we any different?
In Lucado’s book, “In the Grip of Grace”, he remarks, “A condemned criminal was sent to his death by his country. In his final moments, he asked for mercy. Had he asked for mercy from the people, it would have been denied. Had he asked it of the victims, they would have turned a deaf ear. but it wasn’t to these he turned for grace. He turned instead to the bloodied form of the One who hung on the cross next to his and pleaded, ‘Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.’ And Jesus answered by saying, ‘I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.’ (Luke 23:43)  As far as we know, Jeffrey Dahmer did the same thing. And as far as we know, Jeffrey Dahmer got the same response. And when you think about it, the request Dahmer made is no different than yours or mine. He may make it from a prison bunk and you may make it from a church pew, but from heaven’s angle we’re all asking for the moon.”     
Upward Call
So as we take the bread and wine right now, let’s examine our own belief system and compare (or contrast) it with Jesus’ unfair justice displayed to the criminal on the cross.  
1) What is it in you that makes it difficult to accept a Dahmer in heaven?
2) What is it in you that makes it difficult to accept that your salvation has nothing to do with your hard work?
3) What is it in you that makes it difficult to simply depend 100% on the sacrifice of Christ as the only basis of your salvation?
Prayer for Bread and Wine
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