Jesus’ Perspective on Influence

Preparation Before arriving at church, pick up one or more warm, freshly baked loaves of bread at the bakery. Better yet, if you are able to bake your own, go ahead and bring a fresh, warm loaf in. Wrap it up well so that you can open it up at the worship service for those nearby […]

Anointing – by David Bruce

This PowerPoint/SlideShare presentation is a variation of the Anointing Communion Message in the previous blog (by Erik York). This presentation was created by David Bruce and focuses a bit more on the nature of aroma and how God used the sense of smell in the passion of the Christ.

The Son of David vs Blind Bart

Preparation for the Communion Message Sing “The Blind Man Stood by the Road” Please note that this Communion can be done in a very interactive, discussion oriented fashion. Introduction Question: What terms does the Bible use to refer to Jesus? [Lord, Teacher, Master, Son of Man, Prince of Peace, and many more] Son of David The term […]

Hey! You Promised!

1. Preparation Before the communion lesson, sing the hymn (or the variation below of) “Standing on the Promises” During the passing of the trays, have a guitarist or keyboardist play a quiet, very slow, acoustic variation of the melody to the hymn “Standing on the Promises” Luke 22: 39-44 Jesus went out as usual to the […]