Seder Passover Service (Senses of Taste & Smell)

Could not parse XML from YouTube This is the culmination of our 4 part series of communion messages on the 5 Senses of the Passover. 1. Welcome Welcome to the Westside Church of Christ If this is your first time with us, we are very excited to share this unique experience with you. We are […]

The Sense of Sight

I. Preparation and Introduction Request that a classical piece be played live before the service – possibly piano & violin duet of “Lead Me To Calvary”. Make sure the verbal introduction to the piece mentions that the focus of communion message will be the Garden of Gethsemane. As we approach the Lord’s Supper this week, […]

The Sense of Touch

Note: This is the 3rd of a 4 week series. 1. Introduction (Note: Prior to the Communion message, we will listen to a hymn and pass around several instruments surrounding the cross) Matthew 13:16-17 – But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. For I tell you the truth, […]

The Sense of Hearing

1. Background This communion lesson is the first of four parts. The Passover was created with the intent to appeal to each of our 5 senses so that the remembrance of the Exodus would be enhanced & optimized. These 4 lessons should be presented in sequence in a 4-5 week period of time. Below you can view […]