The Shepherd who was King

Preparation Prior to presenting the Communion talk, we recommend singing or performing a hymn based on Psalm 23. There are many variations, although Keith Greene’s is the one that moves my heart the most.  Introduction Q. What are some of the most well known images of Jesus? One is that Jesus calls himself The Good […]

The Son of David vs Blind Bart

Preparation for the Communion Message Sing “The Blind Man Stood by the Road” Please note that this Communion can be done in a very interactive, discussion oriented fashion. Introduction Question: What terms does the Bible use to refer to Jesus? [Lord, Teacher, Master, Son of Man, Prince of Peace, and many more] Son of David The term […]

Jesus, the Lamb of God

Could not parse XML from YouTube I. Preparation Request that the band play/sing Twila Paris’ song “O Lamb of God” directly before the communion. Request that there be silence during the passing of the trays. A pianist/guitarist can quietly and softly play a variation of the melody of “O Lamb of God”. II. Scripture & […]

The Irony of the Son of Man

Note: This communion lesson can also be used as an interactive discussion (as well as a sermonette) 1. Introduction Opening Question: What are some of the names Jesus referred to himself as? Question: What did he mean when he called himself “Son of Man”? What comes to mind? Matthew 20:20-28 20Then the mother of Zebedee’s […]