Child Sacrifice & Abraham

Could not parse XML from YouTube 1. Preparation Bring some vegetables with you as a visual aid – something to represent a “harvest”. I brought potatoes, onions and an ear of corn. 2. Introduction Human Sacrifice What comes to mind when you think of this? Child Sacrifice What comes to mind when you think of […]

Jesus’ Passover Song, Psalm 116

1. Preparation (a) Hymn to be sung earlier in the service: “Come Fill My Cup” (Let it overflow with love) (b) Song to be played directly before the Communion presentation: Acapella’s “Not My Will But Thine” (on the album “Set Me Free”). The performance in the video below depicts the pain and the suffering of […]

The Shepherd who was King

Preparation Prior to presenting the Communion talk, we recommend singing or performing a hymn based on Psalm 23. There are many variations, although Keith Greene’s is the one that moves my heart the most.  Introduction Q. What are some of the most well known images of Jesus? One is that Jesus calls himself The Good […]

Jesus’ Perspective on Influence

Preparation Before arriving at church, pick up one or more warm, freshly baked loaves of bread at the bakery. Better yet, if you are able to bake your own, go ahead and bring a fresh, warm loaf in. Wrap it up well so that you can open it up at the worship service for those nearby […]