Communion Messages - Links to other Christian Resources

My Other Blogs

ROCK Teaching Ministry is the Biblical Education site for the Westside Church in Los Angeles. ROCK stands for Relying On Christ’s Knowledge.
Contribution Offering Lessons is a great resource for high quality messages on the Offering.
BibleGuys is a great Bible Resource for all new followers as well as new seekers
Accent Gold Solutions – my company’s blog. Trying to post twice per week

Bible Resources

Bible Lessons for Kids (NT and OT lessons)
NT Lessons for Children for 5 different levels (Pre-School – 8th Grade)
OT Lessons for Children for 5 different levels (Pre-School – 8th Grade)

Bible Teaching and Apologetics

Douglas Jacoby – my mentor in the Teaching Ministry
Advanced Lessons on Theistic Evolution by Dr. Denis Lamoureux
Does God Exist – free MP3’s by John Clayton (for various age groups)
Evidence For Christianity – by Dr. John Oakes and Foster Stanback

Great Preaching Downloads

Jeff Walling – Sermons from one of my alltime favorite preachers
Follow the Rabbi – Free MP3’s of 12 Lessons by Jewish Christian Ray Vander Laan

Software: Bible Study, Accountability, etc…

Bible Translations – Bible Gateway is just about the best tool out there
Covenant Eyes – Internet Accountability software (including iPod)
X3Watch – Internet Accountability software (including Android)

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