In Remembrance of Me – Luke 22:19

Over the last 10 years I have built a strong conviction that the Lord’s Supper needs to be the central part of our Sunday Worship experience as Christians.

The Purpose of this website is to assist ministers and leaders as they develop and present Communion lessons. Although many of these posts are “ready to be preached”, please feel free to adapt the material to your environment and needs. Also consider adding in your own personal experience – this often helps clarify the message for the listener.

My goal is NOT to develop theological arguments for one form of Communion over another. Instead, I hope to provide creative, high quality material that will inspire speakers to go beyond the basic passages (1 Cor 1:18, Rom 5:8, etc) and dig deeper. I am concerned that some of us have grown lazy in our preparation of Communion lessons! Instead of delving into the richness of God’s Word, it is often easier to draw on the same scriptures we have used in the past. For example, although John 3:16 is a wonderful scripture, it is only ONE of a myriad of powerful scriptures. If the Bible provides thousands of “angles” on grace and the cross, let us follow suit!

Lastly, it is my conviction that Communion is a time to focus on Jesus. I know you’re tempted to exclaim, “Duh!”, but I have heard far too many Communion lessons that have little or nothing to do with Christ. Instead of my mind and heart being pointed toward Christ, I find my mind drifting toward the testimony given or the shortcomings that should be improved in order to make next week better than last week.

So I hope this site provides you with inspiration for your own life and for those who hear you!

Mark Shaw
Los Angeles
January 2010

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